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Healthy Work Habits

Eating well at work can give you the energy you need to stay alert and be productive. It can also help boost your overall health. Here are some tips to get you through some common workday challenges.

 Challenge 1: Coffee breaks

Too much caffeine can lead to trouble sleeping, irritability, nervousness, rapid heart rate and headaches.

Try these tips to help you cut the caffeine:

  • Try to have no more than about 3 cups (250 mL each) of coffee per day.

  • Try mixing half decaffeinated with half caffeinated coffee.

  • Warm up with green or black tea, herbal tea or steamed lower fat milk.

  • Satisfy your thirst with water. Add lemon, lime or orange slices to add flavour.

 Challenge 2: Breakfast

You cannot expect your brain to work without fueling it, in the morning. Start your workday right, with a healthy breakfast; be sure to include some protein in your breakfast.
These are all healthy breakfast options:

  • yogurt, fruit (fresh or frozen), low fat granola, or your favourite whole grain, crunchy cereal

  • whole wheat wrap, nut butter, sliced banana

  • whole grain toast, egg (cooked to your taste), sliced tomato or salsa

  • oatmeal, made with milk, cut up dried fruit, maple syrup (my personal favourite)


Challenge 3: Healthy snacks

Skip the vending machine! Plan your snacks- include protein, and fibre to get you through your afternoon Keep these snacks within reach and you will avoid the vending machines!

  • nuts and dried fruit

  • yogurt and fruit

  • Make your own mix: nuts, dry cereal, pretzels, dried fruit and a little dark chocolate! (Store in an air

    tight container and portion into snack bags, for each day)

  • 1/2 pb & J sandwich on whole wheat!

  • hummus and veggies and a few whole grain crackers


Remember- Take breaks from your work. Stand up and stretch or head outside for some fresh air. Try not to sit for more than an hour at a time.

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